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Who We Are

We tend to provide a one-stop solution to make sites and construction work safer and risk-free by guiding you on CSCS Cards and CITB Health and Safety training programs which are compulsory to work in construction, we guide you on every step involved in working for the construction industry form enrolment of the test to course and application process of Cards easily with no complications, with our excellence in we provide inventive services for the construction manpower. The information on courses give you complete knowledge on construction jobs which allow you to work on sites with minimising all risk factors in mind and by keeping all safety measures and handling tools, machines carefully, after finishing the NVQ pieces of training and courses related to your job you can easily enrol in a construction site. We can help you get new CITB Test or if you need renewable of your card we can get you best solutions on this for further information you can reach us at 03330065640 or write us an email at info@construtionduty.com

Construction Duty offers a complete solution on applying for CSCS Cards , NVQ Trainings, Health and Safety Course if you are looking to work within the construction site then you require a CSCS card which is the identity that proofs you are trained and educated to work on risk management and safety procedures at a construction site. Our motive is to provide complete information on-site safety, danger-free environment and labour-friendly procedures in the construction industry.

For any construction site, even (visitors) need to have a relevant CSCS card to enter on to the site with card a visitors won't be able to visit. The various health and safety tests are available to work in construction sites with different cards according to the availability of trades with assigned courses we provide pre-information of test booking centres which can help you to plan your test accordingly.

Construction Duty has a vast experience in imparting knowledge on construction job related to Health and Safety work on sites, with the team of professionals we provide all the services related to CITB, Green Labourer Card Course , CSCS cards , NVQ pieces of training which are the most important part of the construction sector. We provide complete solutions on your card applying, Health and safety test, re-test, renew of cards, revision material, and information on the operative test, supervisor NVQ and another test which is required according to the job and assessment. For any enquiry related construction work, you can just give us a call on 03330065640 (Lines are open from Mon to Fri: 8 AM to 7 PM and Sat: 9 AM to 6 PM)