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Health and Safety Courses

Health and Safety Courses

Health and safety course in construction Environment gives complete knowledge of safety to an employee working on construction sites. You can book to learn online or at one of our nearest Center.

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CITB Health and Safety Courses

The prominent and easiest way to keep you risk-free and safer is to enroll CITB Health and Safety Course which is a complete assessment or knowledge to work on any construction site.

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The importance of Health and Safety course in this era is needed as new technology is introducing in the field of construction the learning of safety parameters with the risk-free job is required. In the CSCS Course there are various levels which you should read as given below:

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Level 1 Award in Construction Environment

This certification in construction is most popular and has most prominent learning of Health and Safety courses which imparts the basic knowledge on safety parameters to reduce the cause of accidents and risk hazard management at construction sites with fire safety management.

Site Safety Plus Course

This course includes SSSTS Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme, SMSTS Site Management Safety Training Scheme and Health and safety awareness is required for an operative to a superior level, civil engineers, and managers which covers all the processing and progress to the mandatory construction site. These courses have different modules with a brief introduction which has one-day Health and safety awareness course to five days site safety and management training. It also includes boost up training timely which covers all the new techniques and latest practice to make the site safer for the job.

A Glance of CITB Health and Safety Courses

Health and Safety Awareness Course

Duration: 1 Day

Validity: 5 Years

Course Introduction: It covers all topics related to Health and safety for labourer and others co-workers, working on-site to achieve the best safety standards, with including legal requirements and responsibilities and parameters like working on heights, fire preventions and manual handling of the task.

SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme)

Duration: 2 Day

Validity: 5 Years

Course Introduction: It covers all the topics related to behavioural safety, site supervision with prompt decision to resolve the issue of challenges, keeping health and safety priority at work and regular discussions on effective toolbox talks to make work safer and convenient this is for site supervisors to handle the task on the sites.

Level 1 Award in Construction Environment

Duration: 1 Day

Validity: Lifetime

Course Introduction: This course includes the Health and safety topic for beginners who are working or willing to work in the construction industry, it includes all the safety parameters and risk assessment of the task on sites with safe manual handling with equipment and working safely at heights.

SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme)

Duration: 5 Day

Validity: 5 Years

Course Introduction: This course is called SMSTS which includes the construction designs and management, scaffolding, confined spaces, and working on heights etc, this course is for site managers, supervisor’s clients and business owner which covers all health and safety act and environmental matters on construction sites.

Application Process

Applying for construction courses is now easy and the time-saving process we with our team at Construction Duty you can call us at 03330065640 and one of our expert advisors will be glad to help you with this.

The most important step to enter into the construction industry is to learn about Health and Safety awareness which is mandatory for workers and labourers to keep their lives safe and risk-free at construction sites. The process of booking construction course is now simple with just a few steps with Construction Duty to get your course booking, Health and safety test booking , CSCS card booking and revision material regarding construction industry rules and regulations on Health and safety.

Topics Covered In Courses

  • Health and Safety Awareness.
  • Manual Handling.
  • How to control construction hazards.
  • Fire Safety Prevention.
  • Risk Assessment Procedures.
  • Legal requirements and liabilities.
  • Equipment Handling.
  • Occupational Health.
  • First Aid.

The Health and Safety course gives complete knowledge to an employee working on construction sites which makes them experts in handling all the situations including working on heights, fire preventions and risk assessment including all benefits given below:-

  • It gives awareness to control of construction hazards.
  • Measures to prevent trouble on constructions sites with complete knowledge of on-site safety.
  • Usage of First Aid for others and own in case of emergency on job.
  • Helps to deal with risk assessment procedures and occupational health.
  • Handling with heavy tools and equipment its usage on sites.
  • Gives you legal knowledge and requirement working on health and safety.
  • Achieving better practical standards of safety on the construction site.

How To Apply

Get your course by just clicking on our online booking system with complete information on construction courses or you can directly call on 03330065640 and feel free to speak our experienced advisors who can give you prudent advice on booking your construction courses hassle-free. We are available from Mon to Fri between 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM).