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Frequently Asked Question's


Frequently Asked Question's

Do I need a CSCS card to work at the construction site?

Yes, if you are new or planning to work at a construction site CSCS card is important this is a piece of identification that shows you are qualified for Health Safety and Environment parameters and can work at a construction site safely.

When should I renew my CSCS card?

If you are holding a Red CSCS Card, labourer card , AQP Card and PQP card this card cannot be renewed however if you hold a Blue, Gold and Black card you can renew this card before/after 6 months of expiry of your card.

I do not have any qualification; can I still work at the construction site?

Yes, you can, if you do not hold any qualification and have never got any CSCS card you may apply for CSCS Red provisional card by completing the CITB test. Based on enrolment in NVQ/SVQ Level 2,3,4 or above and construction-related degree you can still apply for the trainee, experienced worker card, TSM card as per the trade.

I lost my qualification, what should I do?

If you have lost your qualification you may contact either your training provider or awarding body for a duplicate copy of a certificate.

How can I pass my CITB Test?

You can easily pass your CITB Test, you may practice the CSCS mock test or buy revision material from our website which can help you to prepare your test and can get a pass for your test.

What should I do if I lost my CSCS card?

Simply you can provide your details or if you have your registration number you can place an order for your duplicate card.

How can I change my name on the CSCS card?

You can certainly change your name on your existing CSCS card. You need to supply the proof of name change deed or marriage certificate along with a valid photo id based on these documents you can place a request to change the name on your card.

Is one day course compulsory for Green CSCS Card?

Yes, for the Green Labour card the one day course is mandatory, as one day course ensures that the individual is fully trained on Health and safety parameters within the construction environment

How do I find the right CSCS card for me?

CSCS Skilled worker Card is based on qualifications there are so many trades in construction to work on and for every trade, there are the qualifications. Before applying the CSCS card for yourself you need to ensure that what trade you are falling in.

Can I do my CITB test in my language?

Yes, the CITB Health safety and environment test are available in 14 languages which booking your test you can select your preferred language. This option is only available for Operative Test.

What is a labourer course?

The courses like Site safety Plus health and safety awareness, Level 1 award in the construction environment are the courses that help you to apply for a green labourer card.

How can I get a CSCS skilled worker card?

If you hold a qualification like NVQ/SVQ Level 2,3,4, or above within the construction industry you can apply for a CSCS skill worker card by completing a CITB health safety and environment test as per your qualification.