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Steps to get Green CSCS card :

  1. You must pass the CITB Operative Test also known as the Touch screen test. This test is conducted at nationwide test centres. You can book nearest test centres and suitable time slot at construction duty for your CITB test.
  2. You must complete One day Health and Safety course in construction environment.
  3. Once you have done your CITB test and one day course we can apply for Green CSCS card.

Apply Labourer Card

Which CITB test needed for Green Card?
You need to pass CITB Operative Test.

How can I renew my Green CSCS card?

You can reapply for Green card by passing your CITB test and Completing your One day health and safety course.
NOTE : If you already have Level-1 One day health and safety course then you need not to do it again. Since Level-1 course is valid for life time. You just have to share your Level-1 course certificate.

Eligibility Criteria for CITB Operative Test

Profession or Trade
– Any Trade with No specialization Required
– Aged 16 or above, should have valid 1 day course.
Working as
– Entry-level position
Card Validity
– 5 Years and can apply for new one.
Knowledge Required
– health, safety and environmental knowledge
Test Duration
– 45 Minute
Type of Test
– 50 multiple choice
Pass Marks
– 45 Out of 50
Apply for CSCS Labourer Card Now

Call us 0333 006 5640 to book your CITB operative test and arrange one day course to get you an award in health and safety course in construction environment.

Want the complete package?

Do you want a one-stop service to complete the CSCS Green Card (Labourers Card) course, CITB test and apply for the CSCS Green Card?
If yes, then construction duty is one stop shop for it. We will provide you FREE study material and Mock Papers designed by our health and safety expert. This will help you to pass your CITB Test in first attempt. Click on “Book Complete Package” and follow below steps or call us on 0333 006 5640

Step 1 - Take the Level-1 CSCS Green Card course. (Valid for lifetime).
Step 2 - Upon completing the course, we will book the CITB operatives test for you at your nearest CITB test centre.
Step 3 - Once you have passed both the course and your CITB test, we can then apply for your CSCS Green Card.

Book Complete Package

Online CSCS Green Card Course:

To get a CSCS Green Card you must complete the Health, Safety and Awareness qualification or equivalent. This used to mean you had to take time out of your working day to attend a full day classroom training session. Now the Online Health, Safety & Awareness course allows you to complete the training from your computer in half the time and in the comfort of your own home. Once completed it is valid for lifetime and you will be eligible to apply for a CSCS Green Card.

Why should I do my health and safety course online?

There are a number of benefits that come with completing your Level-1 Health, Safety & Awareness course in construction environment online including the following:

  • Up to 100% pass rate currently
  • Officially accredited
  • Course is valid for lifetime
  • Same day result
  • No need to take a day off work (can be done 365 days a year)
  • Course can be completed on a smartphone, computer or laptop
  • Dedicated staff support
  • Short exam from a laptop/computer and not at a test centre
  • Immediate training at times that work for you
  • No travel needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Construction duty will help you with CSCS Green card?

Book your CITB test and CSCS Green card with us to get a Free mock paper and study material to practice for your CITB Operative test. Mock paper is made by experienced Health and safety personnel to make sure you have enough knowledge to pass your CITB test.

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