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Black Manager Card

CSCS Black Manager Card

Black Manager Card

Steps to get CSCS Black Manager Card

  1. Should hold NVQ/SVQ Level 4 or above in constructions.
  2. Must have completed CITB Health, Safety and Environment Manager and Professional Test within 2 years.
  3. The card is valid for 5 years.
  4. This card cannot be renewed.
  5. You can renew this card within 6 month when it valid or within 1 years of its expiry (Due to Covid-19)

Which CITB Test I need for Black Manager Card?
You need to pass Manager’s Test.

Call on 0333 006 5640 to book your CITB Manager’s test

Eligibility Criteria for CITB Manager’s Test

Profession or Trade
– Manager & Professional (Any trade)
– Aged 18 or above, completed level 4 or above, SVQ or NVQ certification.
Working as
– Top management professionals
Card Validity
– 5 Years and can be renewed.
Knowledge Required
– First aid and Emergency, health and Welfare, Responsibility, Noise and Vibration etc
Test Duration
– 45 Minute
Type of Test
– 50 multiple choice
Pass Marks
– 46 Out of 50

How to get a CSCS Black Manager card?

By Phone : Call us on 0333 006 5640 to book your CITB Manager test where you will be met with one of our experienced team members who will provide you all the information you need when inquiring for your Black Manager card.

Book Online : In our efforts to provide more convenience for aspiring and existing construction professionals, it is possible to apply for a CSCS Black Manager card online. Construction is entering a digital age and the option to apply online will provide applicants the convenience of applying anytime, anywhere over different types of devices.

Apply CSCS Black Manager Card

How can Construction duty will help you with Black Manager card?

Book your CITB test and CSCS Black Manager card with us to get a Free mock paper and study material to practice for your CITB Manager test. Mock paper is made by experienced Health and safety personnel to make sure you have enough knowledge to pass your CITB test.

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