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Red Provisional Card

Red Provisional Card

Red Provisional Card

Red Provisional Card

The Red CSCS Provisional Card will assist the holder in ascertaining that they possess the health and safety understanding expected to achieve fundamental tasks on location. It also verifies that the person is significant about maintaining a career within the division. This Card is for people who are struggling through probationary duration while employers examine their appropriateness for the job. CSCS Cards are handed out as components of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The Strategy strives to improve safety on building sites and to guarantee that those working in the Construction industry have the essential health and safety knowledge. Having a card participates in the across-the-board safety and criterion of a Construction Site

Validity : 6 month

Eligibility requirements to get a Red provisional card

  To be capable of the Red CSCS Provisional Card a person must pass the following:

  • Should have Attained the Operatives Health & Safety Test within the last two years. Click here to Book CITB (CSCS) Test now.
  • Should be of 16 years or over.
  • You must not possess or carry other CSCS Cards.

Why a CSCS Card? What is needed to Apply for a Provisional CSCS Card

The CSCS Card is not legally required but is highly approved, as numerous contractors only engage those that carry the card. Some construction programs may also have specific requirements regarding CSCS Cards, implying you will require the card to work at specific sites, that's why it is significant to Apply for a Provisional CSCS Card

The Red Card makes sure that the workers that the faculty partners working together have the needed training and specialized skills to conduct the several responsibilities expected in the operation. It provides employers assurance in the people they employ for their plans. As the possibility of mishappenings is big on the building sites, it becomes necessary for the operation holders to keep a team of highly equipped and experienced people, who can function even in extensively difficult conditions.

How to Apply for this Card?

To Apply for a Provisional CSCS Card, You must pass the CITB Health, safety, and environment test. For passing the applicable CITB Test, you are required to reply to 42 questions correctly out of 50 questions. The test is certainly difficult, so you are required to formulate it completely. Check our website for every detail about clearing the CITB test. If you need to prevent the whole long-winded enrollment method then you can easily apply for a Provisional CSCS card at construction Duty. We provide a quick and hassle-free procedure for your red card, click here to apply now.

Also, if you are worried about passing your CITB test then at construction duty you can also Book a CSCS Course online at our website and you can get proper training for your exam.

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