What is a cscs card and why do you require it?

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What is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS Card is a card that provides proof to a person who is working on construction sites that they have the needed and pertinent training for the job they are performing on-site. Extensively principal contractors and house builders need their workers to have CSCS Cards with them while working as workers operating in the building or associated industries need to apply for a CSCS card to accomplish daily important tasks. Without this card proof, they might be turned away and can be powerless to perform their work. It’s not legally mandatory to apply for a CSCS Card on all construction or building locations, but the massive preponderance of employers holding CSCS as to get permits on-site. Employees working in the building or allied industries require a CSCS card to perform everyday essential duties.

Types of CSCS Cards

Green/Labourer – This is for people with slight familiarity or who just moved into the construction industry and are looking to conserve an entry-level role. Blue/Skilled Worker – This card is for those who have good experience in building and construction, also those who have attained an NVQ Level 2. Gold/Supervisory – This card is for the further advanced individuals who are in more supervisory positions. Black/Managers – highly polished workers that retain an administrative role on a building site. White/Academically Qualified – The increased level of mastery for senior managers or business board partners.

What’s the need for a CSCS card?

  • Helpful in getting a job: –

    Applying for a CSCS card is not a rule by law or a legislative requirement. It is entirely up to the primary contractor or customer whether workers are instructed to carry a card before they are permitted on site but the chances of getting hired increases.
  • Employers majorly ask for it:-

    Almost all the chief contractors and major house builders expect building workers in their locations to carry a valid card.
  • Helps to get a dream job:-

    CSCS Skilled Worker cards are important for maximum employees working in the construction location to get on construction sites to accomplish their jobs.

  • Make you stand out of the crowd:-

    The CSCS cards confirm to employers, administrators, and directors that the holder has completed the necessary training to operate their role safely on location. This is confirmed by a unit of staff either checking the card physically or scanning the built-in chip which includes all the vital data of an individual’s training history.

CITB Test for CSCS Card

Now we know how important CSCS cards are and many people also ask how to get one? If you need to apply for a CSCS card then you are required to pass the appropriate level of CITB Test in Health, safety, and environment within the last two years. It is a multiple-choice test on health, safety, and environmental issues in construction, usually conducted on a touch screen. You can also book a Book Green Labourer Card Course Online at construction duty that’ll help you to pass the CITB test on the first attempt. The CITB Test is an important means for construction workers to ascertain to employers that they can be attentive on the job. The test aims to analyze learning across a broad extent of subjects to strengthen proper security and productivity on construction sites. The test is mainly received as a PC-based touch screen test at one of the several CITB authorized test hubs located throughout the UK.

How to get a CSCS card?

At construction duty, we offer a good range of health and safety lessons approved by CITB. Whether you’re going to apply for your card or want to get into the construction industry, we will continuously support and help you on that journey. We provide proper training to pass your CITB test and also help people to apply directly for CSCS cards. We help in eliminating the lengthy process for applying for a CSCS card and provide you with an easy way to get your CSCS card.

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