What is a CITB test and why is it important in the Construction Industry?

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Most frequently asked question in the construction industry is what is a CITB Test? In this article we will learn about the CITB test, CITB test booking and its advantages in the construction industry.

The CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test is a significant path for construction workers to exhibit they can work safely. For employers, having workers who have passed the CITB HS&E test is a confirmation that their workforce can keep themselves and those around them safe.

The CITB HS&E test shapes a key basis of the requirement to attain a CSCS card. After CITB test booking the examination is carried out in the centre as it is a multiple-choice questionnaire. There are 50 questions in total for the test which you have to finish in 45 minutes. Out of 50 questions, you will have to obtain 45 correct answers.

Difference Between CITB and CSCS

  • CSCS, which stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, is the body that issues cards to candidates.
  • This is most commonly accomplished by granting workers with CSCS cards. While not a legitimate requirement, most building workers will have to hold an accurate CSCS card for their job role to be able to get on-site.
  • CITB conducts health and safety tests. To obtain any CSCS card you need to pass the CITB test.

Can We Do CITB Test Online?

No, the CITB test can only be done in the centre.  CITB has allowed online tests only during the year 2020 due to covid-19. At present you have to visit your nearest test centre for your CITB test. You can practice for the test online; we have mock papers designed by health and safety specialists which will help you in your CITB test.  If you are not able to book your course online, then we can help you with CITB test booking with easy steps at construction duty.

Importance of CITB Test in the Construction Industry.

  • Helps to enhance safety on site: –

    With over 61,000 non-fatal injuries occurring in 2020, the UK construction industry is continually looking for beneficial ways to lessen this figure and make the workplace as cautious as possible. Through the CITB test, the government makes sure that employees should retain knowledge to work safely on a site.
  • Assures safety to workers: –

    Health & safety education is just as significant for working on-site. This is why a CITB test is necessary for desiring and prevailing workers to acquire as it ensures the protection of all workers within construction.
  • Provides awareness and Job safety: –

    The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test was formulated by CITB as a path for workers to transmit their knowledge of retaining health and safety on a construction site. The test strives to analyze knowledge over an expanse of topics to indicate that a worker can be safe on-site and not put other workers at risk.
  • Increased job chances: –

    For employers, having workers that have cleared a CITB test submits proof and assurance that their workforce can perform safely while working on-site.


Health & Safety is a significant aspect that constantly requires speculation when composing a successful project, which is why it is necessary to know the importance of CITB tests and why it is required. Other than CITB tests, Construction duty offers numerous educational reserves and assistance such as CSCS cards and NVQ courses that will enable any seeking work to get their career off the bottom.

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