What Documents/ID Do You Need to Bring to the CITB Test?

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What ID Requirement for CITB Test

The CITB test is one of the most important tests for getting a CSCS card, hence one needs to carry the important ID Requirements for CITB Test at the time of the exam. In this detailed article, we will find out about the important documents required while appearing in a CITB test.

City Test ID Requirements

CITB has notified all the authorized test centres to inspect the legal documents of the applicants who occur for the test. The document ensures that the applicant is validated. The photogenic ID of the applicant will be asked by the candidate for authentication purposes.

This could be either the applicant’s UK driving license or a legal passport. It should be noted that your driving license should not be expired and if it is expired, then it should not be for more than 6 months. At the test centre If a candidate does not carry the City test id requirements his/her entry might be prohibited at the test centre.

What Will Happen If You Will Not Have The Documents?

With the help of a waiver form, if a candidate does not retain the mentioned photogenic ID, he/she can still apply for a CITB. Those who don’t have a UK driving licence and a passport can fill th3 waiver form.

The appearing candidate has to complete the waiver form as per the expected information inquired in the form then it requires to be approved by two government officials in the United Kingdom who can validate the applicant. This needs to be submitted at the test hub rather than a photogenic ID.

After showing your valid photogenic ID, Once you are in the examination room, the test centre needs a photograph of yours from head to shoulder on a plain white background in a passport style.

This is the responsibility of CITB to click a photograph of the candidate to make sure that he/she is the right candidate, so you don’t have to carry your photograph to the test centre.

To reflect at the CITB online card checker, test centres use the similar photograph clicked at the centre, where the candidate’s test result gets published.

After completing the ID Requirements for CITB test, you can receive a positive result, by giving your overall endeavors and fulfilling test instructions successfully.

ID Requirements for CITB Test

Please make sure that you possess the valid ID before you attend the CITB test. Everyone who is getting on to attend the exam must carry with them the following modes of ID Requirements for CITB Test.

  • PHOTO –

    You are expected to provide a form of photo identity that has your signature. Your photo is mandatory.

    Carry your Passport or driving license (if you have one).
  • If you do not have this ID Requirements for CITB Test, you can give any of the two valid id proofs. One of them must contain your latest photo and signature.


If you require seeking guidance on the essential documents for your CITB test, simply ask – or pertain to the extensive list of appropriate identification in the Identification policies provided on the official website.

Once you have finalized the CSCS Health and Safety Test, the administration will send your documents to the concerned body and begin your CSCS card application on your account. For more details you can contact the team directly.

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