Preparation For the CITB Test Know Everything in Steps by Steps

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Study for the CITB Test

To enter the construction industry, the most significant factor is to clear the CITB health safety and environment test. It is a multiple choice-based test which assists an individual to obtain a detailed understanding and knowledge related to health and safety in a construction site.  It is a procedure to achieve a CSCS card which helps you to become competent within the sector and allows you to work risk-free on the site. 

By giving a CITB test and obtaining a CSCS card an individual will learn to respond to health, safety and environmental circumstances on a construction site. The test is formulated with questions related to safety and health on construction sites and safety measures an employee should take so that a safer working environment can be created. 

Recommended mock test 

The more you practise answering questions in mock exams, the more familiar you’ll be with the extent of problems the actual exam will ask. A lot of mock tests can be found online for your practice. The key to clearing this test is to practise mock tests as much as possible as it increases your possibility of passing the CSCS test. Practising with the help of mock exams will indicate the weak areas which you need to work on. If you are still confused then simply give us a call to communicate how we can help you properly prepare for a CSCS test.

Purchase CITB materials

Before going to give the tea, it is preferred that you sit and spend some time studying. If you want to purchase CITB material then there is a good range of revision material available online. The practice material  Question and Answer Book, DVD, downloads and mobile app can help you to study. Published materials are accessible from the biggest street and online booksellers or online from CITB. If you still have any questions, please don’t flinch and contact us at construction duty.

Ask to co-worker who has completed the CITB test

To improve your chances to pass the CITB exam you can take advice from your seniors or co-worker who passed their exam.

  • Guidance from those who have already passed the CSCS test is worthwhile.
  • Just ask friends and work friends for clues and tips on the exam to maximise your possibility of clearing the CSCS test. 
  • Alternatively, you can search on CSCS forums or prepare a post raising a question for advice. People love to assist.

Collect latest information related to preparation

There are a lot of revision materials to assist you to prepare for the Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test from published booklets that you can obtain in a bookshop, to smartphone apps that enable you to revise on the go.

To boost your probability of passing the test, it is also recommended that you take an appropriate training course, and practise through all the sample questions which are in revision materials available online. Make sure that you are certain of the topics and questions before you book your test.

The questions in the HS&E test are formulated to examine how you acknowledge health, safety and environmental circumstances on a construction site. You can check the latest videos and information related to the CITB test on our website.

Get sufficient sleep

Sleep keeps your mind and body healthy to relax. Ample research has shown the importance of sleep and how getting enough sleep before an exam will boost your performance and test scores in exams.


By observing and making use of these tips – you’ll improve your chance of accomplishment and clear the CSCS test with flying colours. Just like with any exam, practice is key so plan, use the proper resources to uplift your knowledge, talk to people who have already cleared the CSCS test and get a nice night’s sleep before the exam day so that you can give your paper peacefully.

At The Construction Duty, we propose a range of courses and tests relevant to the construction industry. Simply visit the following pages on our website (CSCS cards, CITB tests or NVQ courses) – or call 0333 006 5640 to discuss how we can help.

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