How To Pass The CITB Test? Know Step by Step

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CITB is a mandatory test to get a construction card. If you are applying for CSCS card, CPCS card, JIB card, NPORAS cards then you have to take CITB health and safety test.

What is CITB Test and Why Should You Take it?

A CITB is a health and safety test to understand your basic knowledge of health and safety. This is to make sure your work place is safe from construction related accident.

CITB is a mandatory test to apply or renew any CSCS card, CPCS card, JIB card, NPORAS cards. There is 3 type of CITB test


Spcialist or supervisor

Managers and professional.

Steps For Pass The CITB Test

You can pass a CITB test by practicing mock papers at home. has best mock papers and it’s all free of cost for you.

Mock papers are prepared by our health and safety expert which cover all topics of health and safety. Reach us on 0333 006 5640to know more.

Strict Schedule With Deadlines

A CITB Test is of 45 minute and it has 50 multiple choice questions. You have to score 45/50 to pass this test. Your test paper will be submitted automatically once 45 minute is over.

Topics of CITB test

If you are planning to take CITB test then you must have knowledge of these topics. We have our mock papers which covers all these topics. Start practing now.

  • Accident reporting and recording
  • Dust and fumes (respiratory hazards)
  • Electrical safety, tools and equipment
  • Environmental awareness and waste control 
  • Excavations and confined spaces 
  • Fire prevention and control 
  • First aid and emergency procedures 
  • General responsibilities
  • Health and Welfare 
  • Manual handling 
  • Noise and vibration 
  • Personal protective equipment 
  • Safety signs
  • Site transport and lifting operations
  • Working at height


A CITB Test is a mandatory test to apply or renew any CSCS card, CPCS card, JIB card, NPORAS cards. This is a 45 minute test where you will have 50 questions. All questions have 4 or 5

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