How to Get a Red Provisional CSCS Card Explained

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About Red Provisional CSCS Card?

A Red Provisional CSCS card is a temporary card given to those who is willing to work in a construction industry. This card is valid for 6 months and can not be renewed. You can upgrade this card to Green CSCS card which is valid for 5 years, To Get a Green CSCS card you just have to pass a Level-1 one day health and safey course in construction envirement ( 4 hour course) this can be done online or offline as well. Construction Duty will get you CITB test, Course and CSCS card under 1 room. We are just a call away 0333 006 5640. 

CITB touch screen test

To Get a Red Provisional CSCS you need to pass a CITB test which is also known as touch screen test. This test is of 45 minute and 50 multiple questions will be there. You need to score 45/50 to pass this test. You can practice for this test here . CITB Test is valid for 2 years.

Age 16+

You need to be 16 or above to get a To apply for a Red Provisional card. You need not any prior experience to work on construction site. ou Must be having one 1 ID proof which could be passport or driving licance. If you donot have any id Proof then we can send you a form which you need to fill to get an access at any CITB test center. 

Education Qualification

No Education qualification is needed for a Red Provisional card but CITB test will be done on computer so you must be having a basic knowledge of computer. We do have instructors at test center who will assist you if any help is needed. If you are Dyslexic, then we can get you a headphone for voice over support. We do have option for sign language as well. CITB test is conducted in 14 languages which is  English, Welsh, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, French and Spanish. You can choose any language out of 14 to give your CITB test.

Work Experience

No Prior work experience is needed to get a Red Provisioanl card. You can make a career in construction industry with a Red Provisional card, Since this is valid for 6 months. You can complete a Level-1 CSCS Health and safety course in construction environment (4 hour course) it can be done online and offline as well. 

Once you pass this course then you can apply for a CSCS Green card which will be valid for 5 years. 


A Red provisional card is also known as temporary card and it’s valid for 6 months. To get this card you need to pass a CITB test, Once you pass a CITB test you can apply for red provisional card. Construction Duty will help you with CITB test, Health and safety course, study materials and red card. Please call us on 0333 006 5640 or email us at

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