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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) assists construction sites, workers and employers to enhance the prototype of security by delivering assurance that employees on site are properly trained. While there are numerous CSCS Card classifications functional for distinct sectors, jobs and knowledge, today we will concentrate on the green CSCS Labourer Card.

What is a Labourer card? 

The Labourer Card is organised for a construction labourer who has been operated to accomplish different manual labour tasks on construction sites. It permits workers to execute tasks on sites at entry-level positions and this card is valid for 5 years. If you are doing a job in any kind of labouring background, engaged in the physical construction and/or demolition of a building location and infrastructure, you can refer to the CSCS green Card.

Cost of CSCS Green Card

You must have completed a CITB Health Safety and environment test within the duration of 2 years of issuing your CSCS card application. To check the cost of a CSCS card you can visit construction duty, all information related to CSCS card and its cost will be available on the site. Also, you can book your CSCS card now.

What are the advantages of a labourer card? 

The Labourer card makes sure that the cardholder maintains the minimum mandated qualifications required to do a job on the construction site and is qualified with fundamental health and safety. While CSCS Cards are not lawfully required on all construction sites, the massive plurality of employers does demand them to permit workers on site.

What are the green CSCS card requirements?

You must be 16+ to apply for your green CSCS Labourer Card and should have particular qualifications.

  • You must clear the CITB Operative Test also named the Touch screen test. This test is administered at nationwide test centres. You can book the closest test centres and adequate time slots at construction duty for your CITB test.
  • You must finish off a day Health and Safety course in a construction environment.
  • Once you have completed your CITB test one-day course we can apply for a Green CSCS card.

If you are finding a good CITB course coaching then you are at the right place. We at construction duty provide full CITB health and safety courses and help to receive green CSCS cards within a short period. Book your course now to get the best guidance.

Which CITB test is needed for a Green Card?

You need to pass the CITB Operative Test.

Eligibility Criteria for CITB Operative Test

Profession or Trade

Any Trade with No specialization Required


Aged 16 or above, should have a v1-day1 day course.

Working as

Entry-level position

Card Validity years

5 Years and can apply for a new one.

Knowledge Required

health, safety and environmental knowledge

Test Duration

45 Minute

Type of Test

Computer test knew we as a touch screen test. Check your nearest test centre.


50 multiple choice

Pass Marks

45 Out of 50

The Green Labourer Card Course covers the following subjects.

  • Manual Handling
  • Counteraction and Control of Fire and other Health Hazards
  • Working at Elevation
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Improvement of a Healthy and Safe Work Environment
  • Wellbeing and Safety Law

How can I renew my Green CSCS card?

If your green CSCS card has expired then you can reapply for a Green card by clearing your CITB test and Completing your day health and safety course. 

NOTE: If you already have a Level-1 day health and safety course then you need not do it again. Since the Level-1 course is acceptable for a lifetime. You just have to share your Level-1 course certificate.

How to apply

The quickest and most effective way to apply for a CSCS card is via our online application service. If you already have an account, please log in and start your application today. If you do not have an account, visit the Applying for Cards page to find out how to create an account and apply for a CSCS card online.


The applicant can book the Green Labourer Card Course online to apply for a Green Labourer card. No matter where an applicant resides or is employed, as long as they have web access and fulfil the CITB certification requisites, they can finish the course and acquire a CSCS green Labourer card. Book Green Labourer Card Course online through the procedures mentioned above and complete all the cscs training modules, and be eligible to apply for a CSCS Card.

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