The Best Ways to Get the Lost CSCS Card

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There are numerous ways you can misplace your CSCS Card. Whether you drop it somewhere along your commute, misplace it while working or just miss it somewhere at home, misplacing a CSCS Card does happen. Now if this situation happens then don’t worry.  If you can’t get the card anywhere then you can always renew your lost  CSCS Card.

With the CSCS card scheme, an endeavour of the government-led Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the possibility of attaining a replacement card can feel like a primary hassle but don’t worry, when you’ve got all the information you require at your disposal, renewing your card is simpler than you believe. If your CSCS card is misplaced, stolen, or damaged, you’re right to need to get a replacement card as fast as possible. As CSCS cards are a widespread necessity while working on construction sites all over the UK, reaching without one could hinder you from being able to function.

Here are some ways through which you can apply for a duplicate CSCS card if you lost it:- 

1. Applying by phone

One way to get your cscs card is through a phone call, you can contact construction duty and know all about a replacement card. The time to call the CSCS centre is on weekdays. Don’t call on the weekend as it is closed. It’s worth pointing out, the CSCS explains telephone applications take lengthier to process than those obtained online. But at construction duty, we try to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

2. Applying online

The CSCS suggest you apply for your replacement card with the help of an online application form because it’s faster but we can all comprehend the gratification which comes from talking to someone official, particularly when you’ve misplaced something so important, so don’t be afraid to contact the Constitution Duty. To apply for your replacement card with the help online you’ll require to retain a CSCS account. If you haven’t got an account with the CSCS yet, you can Apply for a CSCS Card at construction duty. 

3. At Construction Duty

Receiving a duplicate CSCS card is simpler than ever, it is just about understanding the straight steps. With Construction Duty, it is extremely manageable to get a duplicate CSCS card. All the work is done from your side and you only have to pick up the phone and ring us at 03330065640. You are also required to provide some of the details like your name, what card you retained, and your National Insurance Number do further processing 

We will deal with the rest of the stuff for you. Your replaced CSCS card will be sent to you and you will be keeping a new card in a very short time. The best part of this new CSCS card is that it will be a copy of the CSCS card that you were operating before. Even the validity date of the card will be similar.

Need to clear CITB test within 2 years

One of the most important qualifications for applying for a CSCS card is to clear the CITB test within two years. Once you have cleared the CITB test then it is valid for 2 years so if you have not applied for it then apply now at construction duty for making your process smooth. 

What you can expect when you call or apply online

When you apply for a replacement or lost application online then you will receive the same CSCS card that you were holding previously.

  • Whether you go to contact the Centre or apply online, to receive your replacement card you’ll be required to submit your CSCS registration number and should remember the email address linked to your account. If you don’t know your registration number, your National Insurance number should be appropriate.
  • You’ll also be required to pay the £36 fee for the replacement of the card.
  • Your new card will come with a similar expiry date and possess all your real information.
  • By post, on the next working day, your replacement card should be on its way to your doorstep. Generally, CSCS cards arrive within 3-10 days. If more than 10 days have passed, contact the Centre on the provided contact information available on the website.


A CSCS card is one of the most important things to work smoothly in the construction industry but you don’t have to panic if you lose your card as we have already discussed several good methods to apply for duplicate CSCS cards. If you are still confused about the process then give us a call on 

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